STB Italia (Shipping Technical bureau) SRL

has been established in 1974 to continue, in more wide and complete form, the professional Expert Survey Activity and Consultancy in the shipping field starting in 1968 by the founding members: Cap. SCHIAFFINO SALVO Giorgio and Cap. ANGHELE' Claudio.

Among the jobs that have mostly characterized the development of the Company we remember:

The Expert Survey activity for H&M damages, yacht and goods.

1970-73: Supervision to the construction of the two VLCCs respectively named RITINA and PRIMAROSA for SIR Group.

1968-1976: Consultation to the MICOPERI / SUB SEA OIL SERVICES Group for the offshore activity and particularly: supervision to the transformation and starting up of the Mn. CAPALONGA, one of the first ship with dynamic positioning.

1972-73: Assistance related to the purchase and first equipment of the Cruise Ship named MARDI GRAS, the first ship of the CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE.

1973-1976: Conversion design in cattle carrier for the ships ROLANDO and INDUS.

1969-1982: Continuous assistance to Shipping Companies /routes lines in the field of the transports of lumber from West Africa, livestock from South America and chemical products.

1976-80: Assistance to the construction and management of six (6) Atlantic fishing boats.

1976: Conversion of Mn. SPAN Seconda from bulk to ro-ro vessel.

1978-1984: Continuous assistance to Ship-Owners such as LINEA CANGURO, ICI and ALMARE DI NAVIGAZIONE.

1982-2006: Assistance to purchase dry-cargo ships, oil-tankers, chemical carriers, supply vessels, dredges and pontoon, etc.

1985-2011: Supervision to the construction of several yachts of various dimensions (from 12 to 50 meters).

2000-2011: Supervision (including plan approval and on site team) to the construction of IMO I chemical carriers (in stainless steel AISI 316L & AVESTA2205), oil-tankers, product carriers, bulk carrier, in Italian and foreign shipyards (Croatia, Turkey, China, Korea).

Since the beginning, the Partners' founders intent was to give life to a whole structure/team able to customize at maximum the job received and to operate in the whole field of the "shipping" that even if so vast is also tightly connected in its various aspects.
The staff today available, with direct business relations and/or with continuous and or temporary one, is for sure reliable and perfectly integrated with the job methodology that STB Italia set itself since the beginning.